Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thu 6 Sep - Hanoi

It's raining hard but we want to see Uncle Ho so we pay 2 cyclo riders $5 each take us the approx 3km to the mausoleum. That's Hans in the cyclo outside Hotel Meracus.

Street action...
We are drenched when we arrive and so decide to buy cheap plastic ponchos (which stain clothes!). Worth it though. Fascinating to see Uncle Ho and the whole "business" around him and to explore the grounds. Due to pouring rain, there was no waiting.
Outside the Presidential Palace, next to Uncle Ho.

After checking out the grounds, we wander north up to West Lake and the pagoda and then wander around the little nearby lake to the east called Truc Bach Lake.

On the southern side of the lake, we have a coffee break at the Black and White Cafe and feel very local for a while. Coffee in Vietnam is pretty good as long as you take it black with no sugar.

After the cuppa, we wandered slowly back towards Hotel Meracus when we encountered a very interesting temple, which we just had to visit.

We had tickets to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre that night, which was quite a hoot, and literally across the street from Hotel Meracus. Di wrote about the show Tripadvisor as follows:
"The stories and puppets are charming and worth spending the hour to see the show and learn about the music, instruments and culture. A bargain for $5."

After the slow, we hang around and mingled with the puppets from earlier shows that they had left as a display in the lobby. Can you see where we are among all the puppets and figures?

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