Monday, September 3, 2012

Mon 3 Sep - Hanoi to Halong Bay

Mini bus tour picked us up at 8.30 for 3.5 hour trip to Halong Bay (yet only 98km!). Traffic 'rules' are haphazardly observed and road deteriorates 25km from Hanoi so slow trip.

Group seems ok. Mostly 30ish and look like regular travelers. Mix of countries. Quick break at a tourist trap. This one was selling statues of all sorts and could ship anywhere. The pees varied...

Onto Halong Dragon Cruise boat by 12.30pm and lunch served. Food ok but we soon get sick of it because it is repeated quite a lot - cabbage, tofu, squid and then seem fried stuff (usually chips and some chicken).
Start cruising to the Amazing cave. Weather is hot and clear and we try to avoid sun a bit.

Cave is interesting but our guide Hoa sounds like he has taken too many drugs because he keeps trying to point out stallectites that are shaped like animals or people etc. we are promised kayaking which Hans and I are keen to do and as soon as the kayaks arrive we leap into the first one and take off. Nice to be on our own to explore. We are told to meet up at Titop island and we have no problems getting there and settling in for a beer at the bar.

Dinner is sort of a repeat of lunch with addition of steamed prawns which are really good.

Some pictures taken from our boat during the blue hour that evening...

Lazy day...

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